Hi there!

As you read through my blog I’m sure you’ll get to know me a lot better but to start off, here are some fun things to know about me!

Ten Quick Facts

  1. I live in Las Vegas with my two little kids and high school sweetheart turned husband. 
  2. As a family we enjoy riding desert Razors and camping (inside a trailer haha) 
  3. In my own free time, I love photography, making photobooks, de-cluttering
  4. Even though I KINDA hate shopping because I don’t know what to wear, I love Downeast Basics, The Pink Desert and Called to Surf
  5. I enjoy business and self books more than anything but I always love Pride & Prejudice
  6. I pretend to sing like Carrie Underwood in my car and have seen her in concert like 5 times
  7. I cry at the drop of a hat sometimes, either because I’m happy or sad.
  8. I’ll probably watch Friends, Parenthood or Grey’s Anatomy for the 10th time while I catch up on laundry. 
  9. I’m kind of the chubby runner who can’t finish a 5k without stopping but I do enjoy finding ways to make myself healthier 
  10. But at the same time I LOVE donuts to celebrate life. Even though I shouldn’t, but still do :) 

I would love for you to read a few blog posts, skim through a few pictures and get to know me more. I hope that perhaps something I shared lifted you up and made you feel that “YOU ARE ENOUGH”. Feel free to contact me so we can chat!