10 things to remember when kid life is hard

Motherhood and childrearing is no joke. 

It's a daily occurrence in my house to have arguments about dinner time and going to bed and instead of fighting I would rather just binge watch Netflix all day! BUT... since that isn't possible, I just had to give myself a little pep talk in order to be more grateful and enjoy these little humans that Heavenly Father entrusted to me. 

I totally get it. Sometimes you can’t do anything but cry about how hard it is!

But as my husband always reminds me, I asked for this! I PRAYED for this! So I gotta remind myself to look for the good. Some days you might need a little reminder too.

Here are 10 things to remember when kid life is hard:

1. Everything really is a stage...for the most part.

I mean sure, my 5-year-old still doesn't like most food but other little annoying habits will one day be gone. Do they get up 5 times in the middle of the night? Do they ask for one more drink before bed? Eventually, these moments will change.

2. One day they won't tell you "I Love You" 30 times a day.

A lot of the things my 5-year old says are pretty repetitive and can drive me crazy but when he tells he loves me, I throw the annoyance away and make sure to tell him I love him too. When our kids hear those three little words, they mean the world to them. 

3. Diapers will be a thing of the past.

My almost 2-year-old daughter has been the absolute WORST during diaper changes! How many times have you wrestled your kids, given them toys, started singing songs, tickling them and finally just giving them your iPhone, whatever it takes right? 

4. Family dinner time might one day be enjoyable

Family pizza night might be the exception here but other times all you hear is, “I don’t like that food”, “She sat in my chair!” and “Why don’t you just make the food that I like?” You can only starve them for so long so it’s quesadillas again for dinner.

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5. Bedtime will eventually be super simple.

Adults can fall asleep within minutes! Little kids thrive on routines but they take So. much. DANG. TIME. Between baths and books and bottles, it’s a huge event in itself. Let us remember the bedtime chats and cuddles though, those will never be the same.

6. Prayers will be one day be more reverent

Through giggles and wiggles, little kids prayers are simply the best! In just one prayer they can bless their toys, their sister, and their bed all at once. If only we could be as honest with Heavenly Father as little kids.

7. The cuddles might disappear.

My 1-year-old actually likes to cuddle unlike her brother! Let us enjoy those moments longer and squeeze them a little harder. One day we won't be able to carry them anymore. And even if we can, they might not want us to. 

8. Two kids are hard but 3 (or more) might be harder.

Remember how nice it was to hold only one baby in the hospital for a few days? That was a pretty peaceful feeling even with a few hours of sleep. Then you get back home and suddenly you’re a mother of two! Everything is twice as hard. I can only imagine 3 or more kids will be harder so I better suck it up! (bless you, mothers of multiples, you are my heroes!)

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9. It's just the season we are in.

One day they will all feed themselves and go to school all day. It's cheesy to say but of course, the little old ladies at the grocery store are right! They will never be this little ever again.

10. Heavenly Father wants you to stop and pray.

As easy as this sounds, it can be really hard to actually do. You want to pray for help but it seems that as soon as you kneel down and start to pray, someone starts screaming, or crying, or climbing something they shouldn't. It's tough sometimes to have that peaceful prayer too. So lately, I've just been working on taking a deep breath and in my head saying "Dear Heavenly Father, please help me." I can't tell you how much more at peace you’ll feel with this 2-second prayer. We need it more than ever.

So next time you think you are about to lose it and wonder if it's worth it, jot down just a few things you are grateful for and you'll begin to see it....it really is worth it.


When kid life is hard, I just need to remember to LOVE them! So I put together this great list so I can always remember to show them how much I love them. I hope this helps you too!

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