Having The Courage To Show Up And Be Seen

“The risk of not committing is greater than the cost of making the wrong choice.” - Jeff Goins

I've read that quote over and over as I thought about throwing this blog idea into the trash.

Right now I’m in this vulnerable place where I’m trying new things that are WAY above my confidence level but I honestly thought this blog would be easier.

How many times do we think we have enough courage to do something and then suddenly we freeze up because we get scared?

I thought it would be no big deal and I would be so comfortable writing and sharing some goodness with fellow moms like me. But as I started planning and focusing on how I could best serve my readers, I realized that I would have to be more open and vulnerable than I've ever been in my life.

The problem is that I'm scared.

Scared of letting down my wall and uplift others as I'm trying to lift myself.

But how do we stop being scared?

I didn't have the answer until I read this from Brené Brown,

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen"

It was really eye-opening to me. I learned that even though we get scared, we just need to do it. Just go ahead and take the leap.

The problem is not sharing with strangers, it's actually sharing with people I know! I mean honestly, I even wondered "Oh my gosh what would my mom think? What would my mom-in-LAW think?!?"

But while I may turn away many moms and some of them might even look down on me, I KNOW that there will be women who can relate to me and I can inspire them somehow.

So what are YOU scared of doing?

Growing your family? Starting a business? Taking time off for yourself?

I realized that not only have I invested so much work into this but I have also wanted this challenge for a long time. The challenge to be myself and not care about what others think. The challenge to share goodness even if Satan wants to stop me.

I can’t quit and neither should you.

The truth is, if Heavenly Father is ok with it and YOU are ok with it, then that's all that matters.

We just need the courage to show up and be seen.