I Know I Love Photos But Why Do You?

I have 2,445 photos on my phone right now, 8,597 on my computer and probably an unimaginable number on my hard drives! haha So yes, I know I love photos but why do you?

I'm not talking to professional photographers, I'm not even talking to moms with a fancy camera. I'm talking to everyone that ever snaps a shutter or clicks their phone to take a picture.

So why do we care about photos?


I think we want to keep those moments for a little bit longer. We want to remember them. For me, it makes me feel a great sense of gratitude when I look back at moments captured. Being a mom of small kids, it's easy to get caught up in the moment of struggles and hardships but when I look through images of our life together, I realize the happy moments that make me so incredibly blessed.


Just how we naturally want to share our new favorite movie or restaurant, we also want to share photos because they might make others as happy as they made us. We share with friends and family and can directly email and text images to those we want to share our memories with. And now thanks to social media, we can also share with  followers and associates we meet online. We can all chat about those images and interact online.


Have you ever snapped a picture and sent it via text because it explains so much more than words could? I do this all the time! For example, my husband was grabbing some things from the store and asked me if I needed anything. Sometimes I have VERY specific requests haha so I send a picture! It's so easy to communicate exactly what we mean using images.


I thought to include this because creating a work of art really is a reason why some people love photos. I can't draw to save my life but I studied photography and grew a natural talent because I do love creating art using color and visual aesthetics. It's a hobby to create photographs and I know many people feel the same way!

lastly... ACCEPTANCE

Is this reason odd? Is it insulting? It's not meant to be. Years ago, even I would take a picture to see if I got a reaction from someone, "Cute hair!, cute kids!, awesome work!, etc..." For all I know, I might STILL do it now! I don't think we always do it on purpose but internally we just all want to feel loved and accepted. This ties in to social media again and wanting to feel liked. I urge you to post images just FOR YOU and not worry about the number of likes or comments you receive. That picture might mean the world to you and no one else and that is all that matters.

So keep on snapping! 

I always say that "the only picture you'll regret is the one you didn't take". In this digital age, don't worry about running out of film! Go ahead and take the picture, you can delete it later :) 

and by the way, what the heck do I do with all the pictures I take?

learn some organizational tips below!

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