Productivity is what happens when you actually do this...


Write things down!

My day can be both boring and unproductive if I don't plan out my day and look at it ahead of time.

I am sure that sometimes I get made fun of for having this OCD tendency and making a detailed to do list or schedule for my day but the truth is, I get so much done and I make time for fun things with my kids if I actually write it down ahead of time and cross it off.

It doesn't matter what process you use. You can use your phone,a planner or just a random piece of paper where you write down what is going on in your day.

Step 1: Keep An Ongoing MASTER To-Do List 

Start with one giant Master to do list just on your phone or a planner so that you can add things to it as they pop into your head. 

The truth is, it is just impossible to get as much done as we want. We could be the most productive and efficient mom on this Earth and I bet that we would still have more and more to add to that to-do list. 

Then at the end of the day we feel like failures for having “accomplished” so little. To combat this, I have a second to do list that is literally just my top 3 for the day and that is the ONLY thing I look at.

Step 2: Choose Your Top 3 Priorities

For example, one day I have to go to the post office,  call for an eye appointment and make a bank deposit on my phone.  These are things that are realistic to accomplish and I don't feel stressed out because I have too much to do.

Strive to complete just your 3 things (that should be easy enough to do), and you will feel like a rockstar!

If you do complete your 3 items for the day and you wind up finding more time to get more things done, then of course feel free to do more! Tackle your big Master to do list and those will just be considered an extra bonus for your day. 

Step 3: Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

The way that I plan my day is by the hour. 

First, I write down all the essential to do items like taking my son to and from school and a doctor appointment for example.  

Secondly, I write down the other important priorities in my life such as reading scriptures, playing with my kids and working out. I placed these items at a certain hour so I know that I should block that time off and do just that.   

Lastly, I make sure to leave some blank spaces open so that I can adjust my schedule as needed and have that important down time for both me and the kids.

Step 4: have fun! 

It is important to remember that this is just a schedule and it does not have to be written in stone. One of my favorite things is to literally throw away my schedule and just toss it in the trash because we decided to spend the entire day at Grandma's house. it is so important to remember that our to do list is not the most important thing in the world but creating memories with our family is.

What is YOUR best way to organize your life? We all have our GO-TO methods so please share!!! 

For me, it all starts with my morning routine. Click below to learn more!

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