The Truth About My Social Media Breakthrough

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You may have seen me pop up on social media every now and then but the past year and a half has really been my photography business with a few personal things floating around.

What happened?

I started paying too much attention to how many likes and comments I would get compared to my friends and girls I knew.

I felt defeated for some reason. I felt like 2nd place.

I felt like because they were prettier, smarter, richer, etc..that’s why they got more comments. I started feeling like I didn’t really have that many friends or could never attain that “Pinterest Perfect” profile I had created in my mind.

Do you ever feel like this?

Have you looked at posts and then felt like you were falling behind or failing at something? You just keep scrolling and start obsessing over other people’s highlight reel?

I spent too much time stressing over this. I had built up bad feelings of competition, comparison, and pride. So more than a year ago I stopped posting to my personal Instagram account and rarely on Facebook. I didn’t see the point.


It’s not to show off my life. It’s not to share cute clothes. It’s not to show you what I ate for lunch.

All these things aren't bad, it's just not me.

So then I wondered?

Why do we use social media anyways? It's to CONNECT.

It just took me a bit to realize what I wanted to share in order to make that connection.

I told myself that if I wanted to come back to social media, I would need a “push” of some kind to make it worthwhile. I then had this social media breakthrough of what I was supposed to do with it.


Sure enough. The Church I love put out this statement on their website:

“Elder David A. Bednar has invited you to #ShareGoodness through social media. Every time you post simple, genuine messages and links, you help lift and strengthen those who see them. Counter negative posts with positive ones. If a friend is down, say something to cheer them up. Post links to articles and videos that reflect your values. Create your own stories that show that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ. Highlight the good in every situation. Speak from the heart. Be yourself.”

Ah! There it is!

I’ve always FELT that there was something good for me to share out there. And guess what?


So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to try and not worry about the number of likes and comments anymore. TRY. I’m sure that as I start this blog I will be curious to see who likes it but I’m working to try and brush it off.

I want to be done feeling like I’m in high school and feel accepted.

I’m sure some days will be easier than others but this blog is not only about sharing for the benefit of others but to find a confidence that I’ve been lacking in myself.

I hope you can join me in feeling confident about your life too and share goodness with me.