The Truth About My Social Media Breakthrough

I started paying too much attention to how many likes and comments I would get compared to my friends and girls I knew. I felt defeated for some reason. I felt like 2nd place. I felt like because they were prettier, smarter, richer, etc..that’s why they got more comments. I started feeling like I didn’t really have that many friends or could never attain that “Pinterest Perfect” profile I had created in my mind.

Do you ever feel like this?

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I'm Sick And Tired Of Feeling Like I'm In Second Place

Satan can have this overwhelming power over us telling us that we aren't good enough.

I felt that I was unworthy on so many levels. I worried about popularity, sports, my body, grades, church, and the kind of daughter I was. As the oldest of 3, I set myself up with insane expectations to be a good example but I couldn’t handle it. I felt like it would be so much easier on my aching heart if I just didn’t wake up again the next day and it would all be over. I felt sick and tired of feeling like I'm in second place. I had to do something about it.

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