Hello everyone! I’m so excited you found my blog! I wanted to write to those moms who feel like me sometimes: I work hard raising my family, serve the Lord and yet sometimes I feel like I’m not enough. But I’m working on letting go of my imperfections and realize that I’m probably doing better than I think I am.

So this blog isn’t going to be a Pinterest perfect, craft and style blog. I do LOVE pinterest but just looking at it! haha I buy pre made things so I don’t have to make them, I’m working on decluttering my home so I don’t make craft messes and I don’t know anything about fashion so I can’t help you there. But what I CAN do is offer encouragement and real life stories about my journey in taking care of myself in order to take care of others.

This is the goodness you’ll find inside:

If you are also sick and tired of the seemingly perfect lives of crafty and fashionable mommy blogs, perhaps some of these topics will connect with you better. And if it’s totally new to you, try it! These are things I’m constantly learning about and actually make my soul feel at peace instead of envy.


Trust me when I say this blog is kind of scary to me. Trying to be myself while hiding from criticism is exhausting. But in an effort to escape discouragement, I’m striving to find more gratitude. This life was meant for joy but also trials. I hope that my stories and experiences can inspire and uplift and HELP you stop feeling over stressed and overworked. 

To get a background story on this blog and what’s to come, read on!